Did you know that there are 1.3 million lawyers in the US? That’s according to the American Bar Association. And in 2022 there are over 439,000 law firm businesses in the US – that’s an increase of 0.3% from last year.

And if you’re reading that and thinking yikes! How can my law firm stand out from the crowd? then you’re not alone. 

At Yaeger Legal Consulting, we know that building a strong brand for your law firm is a very important step.

But why exactly is branding important for your law firm? And how do you achieve it? Lucky for you, we’ve got the answers. Laura Yaeger recently spoke at the Mass Tort Made Perfect Conference on the topic of ‘Build Your Own Brand’ and we are happy to share the learning with you.

Why is branding important for your law firm?

We bet if we mention some famous brands, you’ll automatically know what they are all about. Think about Nike, for example, and you’ll think ‘Just Do It.’

Branding is the same for law firms: a strong brand will help your law firm to resonate with more clients and connect with them. Your brand is what communicates what prospective clients can expect if they hire you. It answers the questions: what will the client experience be? How will they be treated? What values will guide the representation?

The benefits of branding for a law firm include:

  • Shaping people’s perception of your law firm
  • Showing the personality of your law firm
  • Demonstrating a promise to your clients, building trust and loyalty

Remember, branding is not just about having a snazzy logo or a catchphrase. It takes planning and a marketing strategy. 

Your brand is not the same as your reputation. It’s related, but not the same. A reputation is proof of your work for your clients and the results, as seen in testimonials and reviews. So, build equity in your law firm’s name, not in what you do. This means appreciating and understanding what your law firm’s skill set is or is not. 

We believe in 5 steps when creating a brand for your law firm:

  1. Set Yourself apart

Branding is about highlighting your unique selling point – in other words, what makes you different and sets you apart from the crowd. 

  1. Capture attention

Research has demonstrated that consumers have short attention spans and that your brand needs to be memorable to cut through the competing demands of social media, billboards, and TV marketing. 

  1. Be clear on your vision and values

You must answer the question ‘why does your law firm exist’ to have a clear vision. Perhaps your answer will be “to help people in the community,” or “to provide a value-for-money service.” Define the values that your law firm holds. 

  1. Be clear, consistent, and constant

Whenever your law firm sends a message, make sure that it’s clear, reliable, and authentic. Branding is about more than attracting and signing new clients, it is about retaining clients.

  1. Know your audience

Take time to figure out your ideal client avatar so that you know who your marketing is aimed at.

Time to build a brand

By sitting down together, we can define your law firm’s core values, examine what your story is, examine your expertise, and define your unique attributes.

At Yaeger Legal Consulting, we want your law firm to have a brand that shines. Let’s make it one of your law firm’s goals for the future. Becoming a successful law firm is all about learning how to strategically plan so that your firm can become a more productive, efficient, and streamlined practice.

Let’s talk about what you can expect from your first consultation