New Year’s Resolutions – how many of you set them?

How many of you struggle or put pressure on yourself to keep your resolution? How many of you feel weighed down by your resolution? Here is a refreshing change – instead of setting a resolution, pick a word of the year. A word that will guide you through 2023. A word that will help you live the year you want to live. A word to reference throughout the year through good times and difficult times. One to help keep you grounded. 

I have done this for years and each year the word ends up having more significance than I could have imagined when I reflected and picked the word. For 2020, my word was CONNECTION, which took on a whole new meaning and I had to get creative to stay connected that year. It was that creativity and the connections I made that allowed me to get through a tough year. 

If picking a word of the year seems foolish to you, set an intention instead of a resolution. That is where I started. Setting an intention seemed easier than setting a resolution I would just fail at once again. 

I find this exercise helpful in my personal and professional life. I often choose a word of the year and set an intention. Last year, the intention I set for my law firm was simplicity. It guided me throughout the year, and I often asked myself or my team – “what is the simplest approach to solve this problem?” or “let’s keep it simple.”

Try saying goodbye to New Year’s resolutions and hello to a word of the year. Happy New Year!