This unprecedented time calls for resolute but simple leadership. As we listen to the news and hear about businesses furloughing employees and shutting their doors, we ask ourselves many questions including ones that come with great anxiety. We must be self-aware and not deny the truth while measuring priorities in order to lead effectively as our practices adjust to the new reality.

As owners of law firms, leaders of practice areas or leaders of legal teams, the time is now to return to the basic tenets of good leadership. Our teams are counting on it. How you lead now will fortify your practice and rally your team.

There is a vast array of leadership philosophies and principles espoused in numerous books, podcasts, conferences, certification courses, etc. The various ideologies range from complex to others that are more sensible. I stress that it is the simple tenets of leadership that are most important to practice during this time of uncertainty.

Your team needs your leadership to feel secure and to be engaged and motivated. As you struggle, they struggle too. Keep that in mind as you navigate and lead through this crisis. How you move forward will leave a lasting imprint.

Getting back to the basics of resolute but simple leadership will help you navigate and lead through this crisis.

BE YOURSELF, let your team see you. It is ok. If they see your authentic self at this time it will build trust.

CARE ABOUT YOUR PEOPLE. Make time to invest in your employees. Schedule individual meetings, even if only 10 – 15 minutes, to check in. Ask if they are ok? Ask if they need anything from you? Ask if they have the necessary tools to get their jobs done?

GIVE CLEAR DIRECTION. Be open, honest and consistent. Make sure expectations are clear. Articulate the work and outcomes your team will be held accountable for.

COMMUNICATE. It is vital. Be open and honest. Provide positive and negative feedback quickly. Try the SBI method for providing feedback.

SBI Examples

TAKE BREAKS. You will need to reset and recharge. Be sure to take breaks to find clarity. Schedule the breaks on your calendar and take them. Don’t let anything interrupt.

If you have any questions about implementing the SBI method in your practice, please contact us.