As firms adjust to remote operations, leadership within firms need to realize that standards, workflows and procedures matter even more now.

Typically, I urge attorneys to optimize and standardize their practice to scale their firm to the next level. However, today, I urge attorneys to develop and set routines to assist with managing remote employees and ensure productivity.

Whether you practice personal injury, medical malpractice, or mass tort, developing set procedures will facilitate organization and efficient work. Good systems ensure consistency, which will enhance effectiveness.

Standards, workflows and procedures should be developed along with critical staff members to ensure the best practices are being codified. Developing and documenting such may seem tedious but once written every step of your practice or case work will be easier to carry out. The time you invest will pay dividends. If you already have standards, workflows and procedures in place, take the time to review them in light of the new normal – remote operations.

To fully optimize your office, the standards, workflows, and procedures should be written in tandem with your case management platform, identifying tasks and workflows that can be automated. Automating tasks will free up staff and limit error. It will reduce the inefficiencies of manual processes.

Having standards, workflows and procedures enables firms to define and communicate the direction and expectations that remote employees and teams need. Remote employees need to understand their job duties and expectations to be most effective. To empower remote employees, you need to train them on all standards, workflows and procedures. Do not presume that they are equipped. Take time to train on new standards, workflows and procedures and re-train on ones already in place to ensure that remote employees understand their job duties and what you expect. This will guide remote employees; performance and make it easier to monitor remote operations.

If you need help developing your own system, please contact us.

Laura V. Yaeger, J.D., LL.M.